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07-03-2007, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
It's all fear.......the Rangers are feared again.

They can't understand how such a great team had the cap room to add TWO elite players.

It's called cap management and building with youth.

While all these other teams were adding the Chara's of the world we sat on the sidelines waiting for the right time when the players we needed the most were available.
Bingo. I guess this was the reason for the "Purge of '04" at the trade deadline. That was the precursor to Sunday. They played their hands right.They incorporated the youth where necessary,gained confidence in that youth based on performance,and now had the means to go after the big fish this year. Anyone who complains about how the Rangers handled their business,their teams should actually learn from them. Shocking,huh? Whoever thought that other teams would have to use the Rangers as an example of the proper way to run a franchise? It's been a long time in coming. Let us as Ranger fans enjoy it.

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