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07-03-2007, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
I never saw the "superstar" Kariya that some people claimed to have seen. I know that HT in particular was a big fan, but I think he was a large part of why our PP was so bad. He tended to overplay the puck, and his passing ability would degenerate for long stretches at a time. Something a caller said on 104.5 yesterday..and I couldn't believe they had a caller making good points...Kariya just doesn't seem like a "winner." He's become a perimeter player, and I think that he's going to struggle in StL, because he's going to once again be relied upon to be more a first-tier player, rather than the complimentary player that I think he's become. People point to his points, to the production of Legwand and Erat...but I think Kariya was as much a product of his linemates as they were of him. Now, I had hoped we'd sign someone to replace Kariya, someone who IS more of a winner\more willing to do whatever it takes...and I think a healthy Sullivan is more of that kind of player. He lacks the size to really follow through on it, but so did Kariya. I also consider Sully an upgrade in terms of his complete nature. He plays the PK, is probalby one of the biggest shorthanded threats in the league, I like him on the PP better than Kariya, and I think he brings far more in terms of leadership.

As for Timonen..I don't see how he made Zidlicky. He wasn't aping passes to Zids like he did Delmore or Berehowsky. Zids has the passing ability to be QBing the powerplay rather than playing the point. I think that if Weber plays the primary shooting point position..and Zids plays a little lower as a setup man, our PP could and should be better than it was last year.
I agree with most all of this NMK. Kariya did make Legwand and Erat better, no doubt in my mind...but he did shrink away from leading by example when the game was on the line....he was our best playmaker at times, however.

As to the people thinking that Devries was signed to be our 7th defenseman.....put down your hooch are just not going to sign a 2.5 mil 7th defenseman. He is a guy that is going to chew up 22 minutes a game.....with tons of PK time. Good signing as far as I am concerned.

Bonk is a good signing for what we have, by necessity become......a standard two scoring line, one shutdown line, one energy line team with a defensive focus with a hardworking edge void of reality, where Poile and Trotz both excel.
I have absolutely no problem with a Fiddler/Bonk/Ortmeyer third line...that is going to be a difficult line to play against.

With Koistenen signing a one way contract today, that puts us with 8 dmen in line for one ways.
Zanon RFA qualified, to be signed.
Klein RFA qualified, to be signed.
Is Koistenen just insurance that gets waived after camp...or is somebody gonna be traded?

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