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07-03-2007, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by redwingsdude View Post
Sorry Mr. Stickler, but that wasn't the point. The point was you just spent a ******** of money on two players when you still have some key players to sign.

And since when do you round money down? You think you get a $400,000 pass over the cap, or what?

And after all these cute little jabs from you and EnticeTheMasses, I still haven't heard what the prospects of losing Montoya and Shanahan. Looks like some other Rangers fans are more realistic and realize that someone might have to go, but you prefer to complain about my $600,000 exaggeration? I'm just saying money is tight, there's no denying that.

So what is the actual remaining money like? I've heard from between $10 million to $13 million, which is it? If Lundqvist is signed for, say, $5 million, and Hossa and Prucha combine for, say, $2 million, that leaves either $3 million or $6 million. Avery is a damn solid third liner, and had a pretty good playoff, I really don't see him taking less than $2 million with the current market, and I think planning on Shanny taking less than a $2 million base is nuts, look at what an unproven/oft-injured Bertuzzi just got!
Yes, we spent a bunch of money. But while your rounding of numbers to the tune of $600k/year may seem insignificant to you, to me that's a Ryan Hollweg.

As far as how much we have remaining, it's about 12 million by my calculation. So assuming:

Lundqvist - 5m
Shanny - 3m
Avery - 2m
Prucha - 1.2m
Hossa - .8m

You can see that even if these estimates are off a bit, it's well within reason that we re-sign all 5 and remain under the cap. If we want a little relief, we can alway try to move one of Cullen (3m) Malik (2.5m) or Mara (3m).

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