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Originally Posted by fes View Post
There is no doubt in my mind that Straka and Jagr are unhappy about this and who could blame them, especially in Strakas case. Jagr is going to be great regardless of who you put him with, but Straka needs more of a perfect situation to be the best player he can be. Hes still quite good, but the right line combo can make all the difference. I mean look at the Czech Mates. Nedved, Devo and Hlavac will never be remembered individually for greatness but that line was very very good and at least in Devo and Hlavac's case, it will be the most effective by far that they ever were in their career.
That being said, I think when Straka and Jags are playing with Gomez ( I am guessing) and they realize that the opposing team cant consistently shove their 5 best defensive players against them every shift because we now have a potentially highly effective 2nd line in lets say Prucha-Drury-Shanny and a third line of Avery-Cullen-Callahan that can chip in some offense, I think they may perk up.
As a long time Ranger fan I think this may be the first time since 97 that we have had real 2 line scoring balance.
Sure this team could use a Foote, Hannan type but if they dont get it they will be OK. Even if Stall is a shadow of his future self we will have improved nicely on the backline.
I mean, we have one of the best crops of forwards in the game, a top 5 goalie and a decent blue line corps that has shown they are willing to buy into Renneys system... Guys, with the way parity is in this leauge, and with this group, I think we may be on the cusp of something special.
Its easy to be optimistic in July,I know, but in my 31 years I have seen a good amount of Ranger teams and this one truly excites the hell out of me.
I know I only have like 7 posts but I have been on this board for a bunch of years, back into its old format days. I read it dilligently but never post. I plan to do more of that if youll have me.
Heres to the best team and the best fans in the business, Cheers!!!!!

Actually I think combo of Jagr-Gomez - Straka will be even better for fullfilling all of Straka potential because of the Gomez speed and ability to play perfectly fast counterattack - -Straka can become lightning fast killer on this line (while with Nylander slow puckpossession style Hossa sometimes seemed like a better option) . Generally I would say that Gomez adds to this line another dangerous dimension to their puckpossession style -- quick transition game,- and if Jagr will skate as great as in last season (real surprise after years of slowness) this may quickly help Jagr as well.

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