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07-04-2007, 12:27 AM
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zubrus was a very smart signing by the devils, just like i think rachunek is possibly an underrated signing.

but gomez vs. zubrus alone? you have to give the edge to gomez especially as a fit to the rangers and here's why:

1. the ceiling for gomez appears to be higher than zubrus. the general consensus i would think is you know what you're going to get with zubrus. i don't want to say he's plateau'd as a player but stats-wise and all-around last season is as good as it's gotten for him. and going to the devils "system" likely means little to no improvement for him strictly in terms of stats. with gomez the general (not consensus) feeling is that his best hockey and best point production is ahead of him. just like when we are discussing the draft every year it's one of those "do you take the safe player or the higher risk/higher reward player? in this instance, and in a year where the forward crop is very good and deep on the ufa market i'll go with the latter.

2. with all that said the bigger reason why i'd with gomez is the intangible he has over zubrus and drury both: passing skills. you brought up zubrus' size advantage, i'll bring up gomez' skills advantage.

having zubrus and drury on this team would have been a tad redundant. we needed to have at least one playmaker as a center to, at the very least, replace nylander. remember our problem last season was cullen just didn't have the passing ability to feed our shooters.

if you look at having a guy like gomez on this team(and as i've stated plenty times before) you can slide him in with jagr and bump drury to the 2nd line. drury is a good enough passer to be effective on the 2nd line. or you can flip and have drury play on the top line with jagr(which can happen because, correct me if i'm wrong, he did it with colorado with forsberg) and have gomez feed whoever's he's with because of his good passing ability. the flexibility is there that would not have necessarily existed with zubrus.

at the end of the day, despite their heights, gomez and drury i feel are the right combo of contrasting styles the rangers needed to address for their team right now.

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