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07-05-2007, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by suse2166 View Post
The Two centers the Rangers sign Scott Gomez & Chris Drury are under 6ft tall (Gomez is 5ft 11inches & Drury is 5Ft 10inches) and I expect the Rangers center to get pounder by bigger center in the League ....

By gettting left wing Mitch Fritz - Sather get a goons that could off set that or protect the Rangers center ... Maybe Fritz will start in the minor but he won't be there for long ...

He will be MSG to protect the Rangers Centers (Gomez, Drury & Cullen) and Jagr ... .

Shanahan will mix it up sometime to make a statement to the team but that is not his job to mix it up .....

Thats Rangers Goons (Fritz) job ...
Avery, Hollweg and Orr are more than capable of dropping the gloves to protect our centers. Additionally, Cally and Shanny will throw down if need be. There is no way Fritz makes the team barring injuries to Orr and Hollweg. There are also players in the AHL (think Dane Byers) that have oodles more talent and are just as willing to fight.

Also, you need to get over this "our centers will get pounded by larger centers" thing. Gomez and Drury are pretty tough guys and can handle themselves against larger, more physical players.


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