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03-05-2004, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
the address is
they list all the articles that have been run lately. please find this rumour for the rest of us, cause i know i missed it. listing someone elses thread that has no link is assuming that it is true. when you assume - you make an ASS out of U and ME. im not trying to be rude, but all the bad canes rumours are annoying enough without flat out lies about articles in papers.
vasicek is young, cheap, and obviously someone you keep around when you are rebuilding. it is very similar to trading cole, unless the player coming back is a siginificant upgrade....why would a rebuilding team trade him?

Sorry mate. I merely posted what I had read and as such that doesn't come close to making me responsible for the veracity of it. Go to the boards and tell the bloke who posted it about it. I don't know anything on whether or not it is true and simply posted it as the rumour I reckoned it to be.

I see what you are saying though, you don't like what the messenger brings so he is an ASS. Right mate. What happened to intelligent recourse on an idea?

It isnt like I said "How about you give us Vacisek for a 9th round pick and my Aunts fanny. I came and said that I had read this posting that quotes what is said to be an actual article (and NO, I didn't and Wouldn't look it up for you because I don't bloody care) about a rumour involving both of our teams.

Lets say it were on the front page of every newspaper and on every tele in your country, it STILL would be a rumour and have the same impact on what I had asked.

Lets try it another way.

Lets say this rumour that is supposed to have come from some small paper that follows your team thinks that Vacisek, a player who recieved a one year deal last year and that means that he will again be an RFA this year looking for a raise, might be available. Lets also say that my team is one of many who would want him.
Even though we all know that well more than 98% of all rumours are rubbish, what would it take to nab him from your team.

I haven't really noticed him and his 37 points but, he is young and big and even though he had a back injury and my team is the land of injuries he might be an upgrade over some of the young centers we have in our system so we might be willing to have a look. Of course, he would cost allot, what would your opinion of that cost be?

I would say our only untouchable would be Frolov. Other than that, make an offer.

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