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03-05-2004, 12:49 PM
Steve Latin*
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Originally Posted by GodZillaAteMyZamboni
For clarification, Jagr did not get 3 former first rounders. He got 1 former first rounder, and 2 former second rounders.
Aren't these the three "former first rounders" you just sited as such a great return for Jagr?
Right, although Sivek would be a first rounder with the league expansion...

About Jagr, you're getting at a point I was hinting at: a first rounder really isn't a great return in itself -- the success rate is probably a third at most. But, if you add 4 million, it looks a lot better to management.

I didn't like the trade then, and I don't like it now, but you can't argue that it looked terrible on paper at the time.


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