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07-08-2007, 10:38 AM
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I have a few.

One game was last summer in roller. I didn't do anything but played hard. We were down 1-0 the whole game against a team that was way better than us. Our co-captain scored 2 goals in the last 2 minutes on the same shift to win the game, the team's first playoff victory after being together for over a year (I had just joined for the summer though).

Last spring, too, the Rutgers team I played for at Inman won our league championship. Drinking wine from the championship cup is a great feeling :-D.

One of mine happened last Sunday actually. I just started playing ice for the first time this spring. My team was down 1-0 the whole game until someone scored in the 3rd to make it 1-1. My friend who's on the first line was hurting, so he asked if I could double shift because my line was out right after his, and I'd play for him. I played about 15 seconds at C, but didn't like it, so the captain, who's LW, took over C and I played LW. Right after a faceoff win in our zone, we head up, and C shoots and it gets deflected to the back right corner. He goes in to get it and the RW and me post up in front of the net. A defender covers the RW and I'm open. I'm on the left side of the net. C throws the puck to us, and it gets through the crowd to me. I deflect it off my skate, it hits off the goalies pads and comes out to a wide open net, and I pound it home backhanded (I'm a leftie). Probably one of the best goals I've ever had, we won the game 2-1 on that goal. I'm doing ok for my first league ever playing ice, 3 G 5 A. I've been playing roller for 2 years now though. I think I'll be going to ice once I graduate from Rutgers though .

I love reading some of these stories, BTW.

The 2 above me are great. The goal I just mentioned is one I keep replaying in slo mo in my head. And I have gotten a hattrick in roller, my first game in the last summer league with that amazing win. My first game for them actually, I came in not expecting much and just played my best, and even though I had a hattrick we still lost 6-5. I wasn't too happy about the hattrick, but looking back on it it's nice to have another thing to check off on a list of hockey accomplishments.

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