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07-08-2007, 03:22 PM
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Against B/C level competition

Acceleration 14/20 (definitely not the fastest guy out there, but I get the job done)
Agility 18/20
Balance 18/20 (never get knocked off my feet)
Speed 14/20
Stamina 13/20
Strength 17/20

Agression 17/20
Anticipation 19/20 (makes up for lack of foot speed)
Bravery 17/20
Creativity 18/20
Determination 20/20 (if my mind is set on something, it gets done)
Flair 13/20 (not all that flashy, but I could be if I wanted to)
Influence 16/20
Teamwork 17/20
Workrate 16/20

Checking 16/20
Deflections 15/20
Deking 11/20
Faceoffs 19/20
Hitting 15/20
Getting Open 15/20
Off the Puck 17/20
Passing 20/20
Pokecheck 18/20
Positioning 16/20
Slapshot 17/20
Stickhandling 18/20
Wristshot 19/20

I'll probably be making the jump to the A league soon but for now I'm one of the top 2 or 3 players in C and top 10/15 in B. One caveat, these leagues are non-check so I based the ratings from HS and college (club).

Basically, I can do a little bit of everything, but I excel as a defensively responsible, pass first but shoot when needed, center.

It's weird but my favorite thing to do, is to get my teammates open without the puck. Ex: coming in on a three on two without the puck, drive hard to the net taking away one defenseman, leaving my other teammate wide open, ready to get the pass and score.

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