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I'll throw my story in. It was the second year I'd ever played ice hockey after a couple of seasons of inline. My team was playing a "rival" team of older guys that liked to throw their weight around and be physical. Since I was still a n00b player I felt my role that season was to give the more skilled guys a breather, play good defense, (I'm a center) and change.

I ended up with a hat trick in that game, after scoring only 2 goals the entire previous season. I remember each one clearly to this day. The first goal, I was planted on the right side of the net (goalie's left) and one of our better players carried the puck behind the net, circled out in front, saw me wide open, and sent a pass right to my tape. I didn't really do anything, the puck just redirected in off of my blade, but hey, it counted.

Later, I was fighting for position in front of the net with the puck behind it. A winger picked it up and threw it out in front, it hit the backhand side of my blade and without even thinking I quickly drew the puck to my forehand and tucked it just inside the far post. Up until that point, I had never done anything like that in a game, just practicing in my basement on concrete, so it was a thrill to realize that it had just paid off.

Then late in the game, I received a long pass in the neutral zone and suddenly found myself in a 1-on-1 situation. Not knowing what exactly to do I made a quick cut inside the blueline with the defenseman approaching and let go a prayer of a shot along the ice. The goaltender probably misjudged it or didn't see me let it go due to his teammate trying to defend me, but next thing I knew it went past him low stick side and I had my first career hat trick!

The best part - final score: 3-2.

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