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Shot blocking, 20/20. Everything else, below five.
Haha, I hear you. Anyway, might as well. This is in comparison, I guess, to the guys I play with which is a Rec League.

Acceleration 18/20 [I'm crazy fast in short bursts.]
Agility 15/20
Balance 9/20 [Need to work on it. Some days I'm perfectly fine and others I swear to god my legs hate me. On foot I have amazing balance but I can't seem to get it on skates consistantly.]
Speed 18/20 [Probably my greatest attribute on-ice. Even when I'm dog tired I'm still faster than 90% of the guys.]
Stamina 17/20
Strength 10/20 [I'm small and don't go to the gym so this is a no-brainer. Although, I'm pretty strong for my size: 5'8.]

Aggression 4/20 [Something I need to work on.]
Anticipation 10/20
Bravery N/A [I haven't had an opportunity to show bravery or not show it]
Creativity 3/20
Determination 20/20 [Heart and speed. That's me in 2 words.]
Flair 5/20
Influence 2/20
Teamwork 16/20
Workrate 20/20 [I work my ass off no matter the score.]

Checking N/A [No checking league.]
Deflections 18/20 [I'm decent at it when I'm in front of the oppositions net but I'm seem to better at it in front of my own goalie. I mean, deflecting passes and shots away from the goal. Shot blocking would be around 17/20. Sometimes it's beautiful and sometimes I try and it fails miserably.]
Deking 5/20 [Sometimes I have magic hands, others I just get too nervous and put too much or too little wrist into it.]
Faceoffs 10/20 [Don't really take face-offs.]
Hitting N/A
Getting Open 20/20 [When I play forward I can get wide-open consistently, I just never get the puck.]
Off the Puck 17/20 [I'm fine without the puck, the problems arise when I get the puck.]
Passing 15/20 [Pretty good at it, sometimes I make a bad pass but it's rare. I mean, bad because of the placement not the speed.]
Pokecheck 18/20
Positioning 17/20
Slapshot 4/20
Stickhandling 14/20 [Decent when not under pressure.]
Wristshot 12/20 [Good accuracy, mediocre power.]

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