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03-05-2004, 09:23 PM
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Most of the Sen fans think this was good:

Who won the goalie fight???

Lalime. Rayzor's been teaching him.

1:15 left!

Lalime looked like he had a load in his pants.

Thats the way to put an exclamation point of this baby. Screw the loss...It's a huge Moral victory!!!

true. there's GRIT for ya. maybe it will at least put some of those critics to rest.

Moral victory? How? Half of your players started fights for no reason? You think Neil is going to get respect for this?

The Sens played like crap but they really showed a lot at the end!!! I think it could be a turning point. Lalime was sketchy ...but good for him coming down the ice and fighting...and Esche is such a pansy - he started throwing punches without even getting his mask off! Loser. Anyways - tough loss but I though the end of the game might really help the Sens in terms of team bonding purposes.

Esche got him. Can't get Esche fired up...he'll mess you up.

Brashear over Ray handily.
Lalime Esche draw.
Van Allen over Branko
Neil murdered Somik (Neil tried to fight Brashear but he cowarded away)
Chara beat Timander (lucky Chara didn't murder him)
Fisher beats down Handzus (after Hitchcock tries to goon)
Schaeffer LeClair draw (not really a fight)
Redden and whoever draw (not really a fight)
Recchi over Smoke (it was close)
Spezza Sharp draw, maybe edge to Sharp

Brash -- yes Esche wins. Van Allen. Neil is a man with no balls. Same goes for Chara. Sharp smoked Spezza and Rex smoked "Smoke."

Wow, that's all I can say about the Sen fans.


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