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03-05-2004, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by #16
I don't get it. You've been on the front lines of the "Get rid of the vets, give the kids a chance" campaign, and Riser is doing just that. You are still not happy. Make up your mind. Bomber wasn't going to get us anything better than a 5th, Zholtok I thought could go for a 3rd, but I'm not a GM, I don't know the fine details of the business. 4th and 5th are fine. Might be a slight underpayment by the Preds, but nothing to make a big deal over.
Packaged together, I thought they might garner something. It felt like a panic trade or something because I bet Riser would've got something a little more at the deadline.

We need prospects more than picks. Picks take years to develop, prospects in the systems have already worked out. That's my only problem. I have no problems with Dowd, Marshall, or Hendrickson getting picks but when you got a guy that's third in points on a trap team getting a late 3rd rounder, then thats a problem.