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03-06-2004, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Laughing out loud at those condemning the Leafs for this deal. If a Toronto fan dare suggest that this was too much to give up, all I can offer is that you do not deserve a Cup team. Sorry for the harshness, but its true. Your team goes out and continuously adds top end talent to your roster and ices a very competitive, gutty, exciting team, a contender, and all a few can do is moan about giving up "futures" for a hall of fame defenseman?! As for those suggesting "overpayment" or "panic" move: this is a recording. Players, GMs and coaches are hired to win THE STANLEY CUP.

And when you have a veteran team, you go for it...again and again, until you've exhausted all options. When you have Mogilny, Sundin, Nolan, Roberts, Belfour and other vets, you give them the best chance possible to win it all.

If the Leafs stay healthy, they now have as good a chance, if not better, than any other team in the East. Oddly, one gets the feeling that at least a few Toronto "fans" would rather see the Leafs hoard their "futures" than skate around with the silver this June.

Injuries and time have slowed Leetch down some, but he remains as brilliant a passer from the backline as there is in the NHL. The Leafs PP will be enhanced greatly by his presence. And Cup experience never hurts. Brilliant move by Ferguson. Any Leaf fan with an ounce of common sense would be at his feet rather than bemoaning the idea that they decided to shoot the moon and exchange future unknowns for a serious run at the Cup.



It is very sad for this fan of NY hockey to see Leetch leave NYC. A GREAT player, and a class individual. But, all things must pass. Sather and NYR are doing what many of their fans have been requesting for a while. The word "rebuilding" is back in the vocabulary of MSG. Good for them.

I think the biggest reason why people are complaining about TOR overpaying for Leetch is because of how much BOS underpaid for Gonchar.

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