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03-06-2004, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve Latin
Long story short, you're terribly misinformed. Hrdina netted Focht, Lefabvre, and Abid. Granted, those players aren't great, but people raved about them at the time. Hrdina is a marginal player at best.

Jagr got 4 million dollars and 3 former first rounders? What's wrong with that?

Kovalev got 4 million dollars and Fata? What's wrong with that?

We couldn't afford Lang @ 5 million a year, especially when he was a decent 2nd line center coming off a mediocre season. We got a second rounder for him, what's wrong with that? Incidentally, your Caps couldn't afford him either, so they dealt him off to Detriot. Difference is he's leading the league in scoring now, for some Twilight Zone reason.

The KASPARAITIS trade didn't work out that well. Who cares? Kaspar is a decent top 5 d-man but he hasn't done anything since he left the Burgh. It's starting to look like he was overrated.

Straka got us Anshankov, and then he went to LA and promptly went out for the season. How was that a bad deal?

As a Caps fan, I can't take anything you post seriously. The bias against the Pens is obvious. Then you start saing that the net sum of all those trades COMBINED is less than a first rounder? If that's the case, I think we have some dealing to do.

Regarding Tarnstrom's value: he's a better player than Hrdina and Kasparaitis, and he's younger and makes far less than Kovalev, Lang, Straka, and Jagr. If he were to go in a trade, I would expect it to be for value. Patrick doesn't have a gun to his head like he did in the other deals, so it'll take a tempting offer to lure him away.

If that offer doesn't come, oh well. If I were a contender that needed help on the PP, I'd certainly give him some consideration. He's a player that can step in and make a difference, and then stick with the team for the long haul at an affordable rate.

And about a first pick: this is a weak draft year, it's worse less than you think. Have fun re-building your team with the next Beeches, Siveks, and Lupachuks.

" Jagr got 4 million dollars and 3 former first rounders? What's wrong with that? " BTW how are those 3 1st rounders working out for you?

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