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Originally Posted by Sockosensei View Post
I'll take a crack at this one:

Mike Eastwood.

  • Hung on for 14 glorious seasons, with 7 franchises.
  • Averaged 9 goals and 16 assists per 82 games.
  • Traded mid season 4 times.
  • Wasn't a goon. Was neither an offensive star, nor the second coming of Bob Gainey.

In fact he's exactly the type of player who around the time he hits 28 years old you say "you know what you're gonna get from Mike Eastwood", which is usually followed by "that roster spot would be better spent on a kid with more potential upside at half the salary."
The freakish twist in the Eastwood story is that he always found a new home.
Good, creative choice. Mike Eastwood...quietly mediocre in every way!

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