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07-11-2007, 12:16 PM
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I believe that a trade is all but inevitable.

1. Shanny will play 10 games to get at least 4.5 million, and I highly doubt that Sather will allow us to bite into next year's cap more than a trivial amount. Or perhaps I just hope so.

2. I think that Staal and Montoya will play if the coaches feel they are ready. They will not be kept in Hartford just because they each make a few hundred grand more than Pock/Strudwick or Valiquette.

3. I believe that we can be above the cap by Shanny's bonus amount until the trade deadline, and if we make a trade to bring us below the cap at the trade deadline - it wont count against next year. So for example - I THINK:
- we are 51.3 for the first half of the year - and that $1 million overage is due to Shanny's $2 million bonus.
- At the midpoint - we trade Mara for picks and add no salary. So our salary at the end of the year is 48.3 - under the cap by $2 million.
- Then our net for the year is $500k under the cap - and no penalty for next year.

Therefore I believe we have months before a trade is required. Potentially Sather will wait and see if any rookies make it (Dubinski, Anisimov?) and then know who is most expendable. If we make the trade later - then we could be SELLERS at the trade deadline. I really like the sound of that, because we'd get max value for selling then. It would be interesting - I can't remember the last time a team hoping to go far in the playoffs was a seller.

Alternatively, Sather will trade before the season begins, to "save up" cap space during the first 60 games or whatever. Then we can be a BUYER at the trade deadline, and pick up 4 times the salary we saved in the first 60 games. That is probably the safer approach, so I guess Sather will probably do that.

Each approach has benefits.

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