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07-11-2007, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
I'm not picking on the Islanders right now i swear i'm not but I find it interesting that our 20-10 prospects voted by the fans rivals the 1-10 prospects posted by

Now, again I'm not picking on the Islanders they still have enough NHL talent to compete for a playoff spot...My point is it's pretty cool that the Rangers prospect pool is as deep as it's ever been...I mean Hiller, Kveton, and Ryan might not even win the poll above and they would easily be on a lot of teams top 10 prospect list...

Sather, Maloney, Clarke, and all the scouts that made the commitment at the end of 03-04 to rebuild this organization did there job...

If Sather was fired during the firesale and another GM was brought in and did the same exact things Sather has done everyone of us would have a statue of the GM on our front lawns....

Obviously I'm not saying Sather has finished the job (far from it) but in a matter of 3 years the Rangers have been rebuilt....maybe completly?
Yes, the days of Garth Murray being our top prospect is over.

I would not say we are completely rebuilt. IMO we still need top end forwards for the future. We really only have one in Cherepanov. Dubinsky, Anisimov, Dawes, Pyatt, Callahan are nice players but have alot to prove.

I would love to trade some of our depth prospects and this year's #1 pick to move up in a GREAT draft. It's great that we have so many but they are all coming at once because of the purge a few years ago. Not all will make it and we will probably lose some, so trading quantity for quality should be our goal.

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