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07-11-2007, 04:01 PM
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A first line player...

is more valuable than a second liner and a second more valuable than a third and so on. The first liner gets more ice time than a second liner, who gets more than a third, who gets more than the fourth. To continue, the first liner will produce more and then make more than the second liner, who will produce more and make more than the third liner who will produce and make more than the fourth liner.

As for Avery - he would be great on a third line, say with Cullen and Cally - I think he's exactly what that line was missing last season, which would enable Prucha to play with Shanny, and perhaps Drury. Of course, this assumes that Hossa plays on a fourth line or not at all, so it is tough to say who will be linemates next season.

Everyone's important and serves a role. But if Dubi gets 12 minutes of ice time and 30-40 points, he will make less and his trade value would be less than if he was getting 20 minutes of ice time and 60-70 points, and thus is less valuable.

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