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07-11-2007, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by 51tyutin51 View Post
Let me get this straight, are you saying we can be over the cap when season starts, but end up being under by making moves on deadline?

Please explain..
As bobbop said - we can never be over the cap with base salaries. But we can be over the cap with bonuses. So we can have a base salary amount of 50 --> PLUS Shanahan's bonus of 2.8 million would be 52.8. That is fine - however if he gets all the bonuses, and we end the season that way --> we will need to lower our cap by that amount next season.

I believe that the cap value is calculated on a daily basis and averaged. Therefore if we have a cap value for half of the days being ABOVE the cap (with bonuses), and half of the days below the cap (with bonuses), and they average out over the course of the entire season below the cap - then we will not have to lower our cap by that value next year.

I searched through the CBA briefly but did not find a good example explaining just this.

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