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Best Overall Season
In terms of points and overall competitiveness of the team, this past season was the best. We had some AWESOME games, including the home OT winner vs Anaheim, the OT Winner against Detroit, the 6-0 KO of Ottawa (sorry senapreds alliance), the 5-0 on San Jose, the continuing domination of St. Louis, etc. We got to watch Radulov, Weber, Dumont, Arnott all put in good seasons for us. Mason stepped up to the plate when he was needed. And we acquired some guy named Forsberg, who turned it up another level in the playoffs and was a huge player for Radulov to play with. However, the team derailing and losing in the playoffs leaves a bitter taste.

But in terms of overall feeling, our first trip to the playoffs season was also up there. The Sullivan trade helped the team make the playoffs for the first time, setting up the memorable series (at least for us ) with the Red Wings.

I'm going with the 03-04 season.

Best Captain
I'll go with Fitzgerald. Even though he didn't lead us into the playoffs, he appeared to be a solid leader for the team where our roster changed so much over his span with the team. We had some pretty bad teams

Best Trade
I'll go with Steve Sullivan. Two 2nd round picks is considered a franchise ending trade on these boards, but it propelled the Predators to another level. Sullivan was a new type of player for us, helping pave the way for more future success in terms of points and additional players.

Other great trades were acquiring Forsberg (even though we didn't win the cup), acquiring Ronning, and the Dunham trade (helped turn Vokoun loose).

Worst Trade
I think we've had some bad ones, but I'm going to go with the Vokoun trade. Yes I know its early and Poile was hand cuffed a bit, but now he's having to spend money to make the salary floor. I appreciate draft picks in a deep draft next season, but you'd have to think that Poile might be able to get a little more for one of the top goaltenders in the league.

I'll also throughout the Walker - Vasicek deal. I'm not a big Walker fan and I fully appreciate Poile going out and finally getting another Center, this one just didn't work out. It had potential, but for whatever reason, Vasicek didn't work here.

Best Draft Pick
This is a tough one, as we've had some solid picks (Legwand, Skrastins, Erat, etc.). Its a tie between Radulov and Weber. They both are VERY promising. They both give us something we really haven't drafted before, especially Radulov. These guys appear to be players who are going to be very successful for a long time.

For choosing one, I'll go with Radulov.

Worst Draft Pick
While plenty of people simply haven't worked out, the Finley pick has to be up there simply because of draft position.

Best Player to put on a Predators Uniform

Worst Player to put on a Predators Uniform
Too many to list, but I'll go with Cote.

Best Uniform
Blue uniform with skull shoulder logos.

Best Single Game Performance by a Player
Sullivan's debut.

Best Game Played in Nashville
Again, alot of great games played here, but I'll go with the San Jose - Nashville 3 overtime Playoff game. Our first (and hopefully not last ) epic game, even if we lost.

EDIT: Forgot about the niner scored on Calgary, that is up there too, but not my first choice.

Worst Game Played in Nashville
I'll go with our 2nd trip to the playoffs, our 3-0 loss to the Sharks. We got caught up in the penalty box a ton and it ended up turning around the series. I'm sure I'm missing a ton of other bad games though.

Best Goal Scored by a Predator
Legwand's first home playoff goal (in terms of just overall atmosphere, meaning, etc.). The arena had never been that loud before.

But overall I'll go with Sullivan's one timer PP goal against Ottawa this past season. That was a complete passing clinic put on by the Predators and its beautiful to watch over and over.

Best Goaltending Performance by a Predator
Mason's 1-0 shut out of Colorado this past season.

Best Rivalry
Red Wings (i'm sure some pretentious red wings fan will come on here saying that they don't consider us a rival, whatever)

Best performance by an opposing team's player in Nashville

Gretzky and Forsberg come to mind...

Your Top 5 Predators Moments/Memories
I'll add this later, not enough time to finish..

All Time Predators Lineup:
I'll add this later, not enough time to finish..

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