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03-06-2004, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
1. I did not forget about Balej. That's why I said that HALF of Jackass's trades are bringing in 3rd/4th liners.
2. There is nothing wrong with having hard-working blue collar guys. However, there IS something wrong with having an entire team of 3rd liners. Those teams don't typically amount to anything. When you reach the point that you have 3rd liners play the top 2 lines and 4th liners play the bottom 2 lines, you've got problems. BIG difference in hardworking, blue-collar guys that ALSO have top 2 line talent and hardworking, blue-collar guys who are limited.
3. The Rangers have had top 10 picks the past several years.
4. Not many teams have a core of hard-working 3rd/4th liners. You don't build around plumbers. You build around talent. I doubt you can name one team that is build around 3rd line grinders.
5. What light did Jackass see? He is scrambling to try to save his a$$. All of this is just to buy him more time. He is creating more built-in excuses for himself. For the last 4 years it was injuries, broken sticks, and booing fans. The next 3 years will be the "young, inexperienced players" as the excuse.
In all honesty do you expect to got top flight talent for guys like Simon and Nedved? Noone is going to mortgage their future on a rental at this point. A guy like Phaneuf would be great but thats not realistic. Leetch is the only real guy who could get a top caliber return. The best we can hope for is to develop a solid 3rd and 4th line. Maybe get a 2nd liner or two and then add our big guys in the draft.

I think Sather is building up a solid group of young players now and then plans on getting his franchise-caliber guys iin the draft.

I hate Sather, but I think he's doing very well in his trades (although I would have liked a tad more for Leetch.)

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