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07-13-2007, 12:02 PM
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As a British NHL fan i too also feel it is a shame that there aren't more Canadian teams within the league. 6 teams out of 30 just does not quite seem representative enough, especially considering the history of Canadian hockey. I dont know too much about the population distribution in Canada but the fact that in the whole of two of the central/western provinces: Saskatchewan (*spelling?) and Manitoba the fact that neither has an NHL team seems unfair to me.

However, concerning the re-location of a number of teams back into more Canadian cities, i think it is unfair now to take teams from well supported US cities and move them to Canada just because of tradition, but if a few US teams were in need of a move i would always hope it would be to a Canadian market. Winnipeg and Quebec will probably be the two that most come to mind.

Basically, although one of the reasons i have followed the Rangers since i was 9 yrs old was because i found out what an Original Six team meant, and i was attracted by that history, support and tradition. But If teams from Carolina, Tampa etc have great support too i would be upset to see them move just because they are not traditional markets.

the concept of Franchise's in North American sports is also something i have had to learn to understand in comparison to british sports, where things do not operate in quite the same way.

Something that i have always admired about the NHL is its history, and traditions. I have even purchased a couple of books in order to better understand that side of the sport in the same way that i understand the history of British football (soccer), which is the only sport that i love more than hockey. (and i have played both).

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