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03-06-2004, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by swinginutter
Well besides the fact that we're closing in on the end of the season, and we need to start winning games in a major way.
I thought i'd start up a new subject on retribution, and why we lack it! Two games last night were played, and players were tagged on each team. Jason Doig with the Caps, got punished by two Rangers and left the game. Two words come to mind "Eric Lindros"!
Game two with Philly and Ottawa. Marty Havlat, was public enemy number one for high sticking Recchi two weeks back. Recchi didn't even lose any time playing. And, last night was slugfest in Philly. Now i'm not saying the games need it, although I love it. I'm just saying the players on the ice need to protect the teams star players and assets.
I can go down a whole laundry list of players on the Kings that have been abused by other teams, and our players only stand their and watch. Not really their faults though, because we don't have anyone out there to actually protect. For over two years now, i've had to see Ziggy protecting himself on a constant basis! My point is that players like Kip Brennan should be in the line-up everynight without question. I don't give two sh*ts that we're trying to get scoring from four lines, because we're not even getting scoring from our top two lines. We should ALWAYS, ALWAYS have an enforcer in the line-up......even better, two! Since Kip came back we're 3-1-1. And, he was a major reason why we beat the Ducks this past saturday, when he whupped Burnett's ass!
Most of you say he can't skate, but I think he's a good skater. He can get to the front of the net and be a power forward we lack. He also draws penalties, rather than just get em'!
Two words: Ryan Flinn-He wooped people if they looked at Ziggy last year. With that said I really think we have enough depth to keep an enforcer out of the line and get some scoring.

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