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07-14-2007, 10:22 AM
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Pee-Wee or Bantam, I can't remember. I was playing goal. It was one of those Christmas tournaments. We won a game 1-0 with getting 6 shots. The play was in our end the entire game. It was one of those performances you know happened but don't entirely remember. Supposedly I made over 60 stops. The only one I really remember was a break-away glove save. The kid comes in alone from the blueline and deaks once then cuts to his forehand and shoots. I glove the puck in an entirely reflex based save, whipping it around like Roy because, you know, I was 13 or 14. I wasn't completely aware of what happened but the fair sized crowd was going nuts. All the players on the ice came over and tapped my pads (both teams). After the game, parents from the other, obviously much better team, were saying it was the best performance they had seen and such. It was surreal. Dad's from the other team were in our locker room talking to me.

Another, shorter story: I was at Howie Meeker hockey school as a goalie. I didn't pay and they basically needed a body. This school was not goalie friendly. While the butterfly was now becoming dominant (mid-90s), we were told to stay on our feet no matter what. Of course, I didn't care what they said, playing for fun as I was heading to an actual goalie school later. Anyways, during one of the scrimmages I went to poke check a breakaway and sorta missed as the kid shot. I ended up in a hella old-school pad-stack gloving the puck. Howie Meeker came down and congratulated me. However, I thought this was odd as he had recently berated a goalie for dropping to the butterfly and I had pretty much Haseked the breakaway. Later in that day I would attempt to one time a dump in, miss, and have it go in my own net. I thought it was hilarious, one of the 'goalie coaches' didn't think so.

Same year, a goalie friend would accidentally trip Howie Meeker as he was demonstrating a drill. One of the Junior Meekers nearly took his head off.

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