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03-07-2004, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
1. I did not forget about Balej. That's why I said that HALF of Jackass's trades are bringing in 3rd/4th liners.
2. There is nothing wrong with having hard-working blue collar guys. However, there IS something wrong with having an entire team of 3rd liners. Those teams don't typically amount to anything. When you reach the point that you have 3rd liners play the top 2 lines and 4th liners play the bottom 2 lines, you've got problems. BIG difference in hardworking, blue-collar guys that ALSO have top 2 line talent and hardworking, blue-collar guys who are limited.
3. The Rangers have had top 10 picks the past several years.
4. Not many teams have a core of hard-working 3rd/4th liners. You don't build around plumbers. You build around talent. I doubt you can name one team that is build around 3rd line grinders.
5. What light did Jackass see? He is scrambling to try to save his a$$. All of this is just to buy him more time. He is creating more built-in excuses for himself. For the last 4 years it was injuries, broken sticks, and booing fans. The next 3 years will be the "young, inexperienced players" as the excuse.
1. ok half of sathers trades are bringing back 3rd/4th line guys? big deal what do you expect for nedved and simon? the kovalev deal he brought back future snipper and the leetch deal brought back two good prospects and a 1st round pick and a second round pick. say what you will about sather and hey he deserves it but he is doing a damn good job with the "firesale" most fans would agree?
2.The Rangers will never have a team of hard working blue-collar guys. not all prospects the rangers have are grinders. right? will you answer that question? lets see what would you call prucha jessiman dawes and jonssen? teams are built with more than skill players. perhaps that is something that has slipped your mind
3.The Rangers have had 1 top ten pick since sather took over the team. ONE Dan Blackburn. I know you will say neil smith had 4 so lets name them. Brendl-bust. sundstrom a good player but never a great player. manny who was ruined by the last regime. oh wait and jaime lundmark who is not showing any promise. (i know trueglen he is playing with grinders that can't score blah blah blah)
4. ok welcome to the nhl 2004 most teams are built with just talented players. perhaps you haven't watched the rangers the last 7 years who have had on paper the best teams in hockey. you want names of teams so here we go San Jose, Nashville,Minny last season, Devils, and calgary. (i'm sure i missed a few these were off the top of my head) these teams have a good balance of talent and grinders but most of there players are not superstars. maybe you didn't notice those teams existed!
5.Whatever the reason Sather is conducting the "firesale" i really don't care. I am happy he is doing it so are most fans. Maybe you wanted to have another year of an overpaid lazy bunch of players. i bet thats it

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