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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I dont mind talking about the cup - if you want it you shouldn't be afraid to talk about it.

Outside the organization - media, fans etc... can talk about it but IMO should only tag and IF to it and not WHEN.

I've seen too many comments on here referring to "the moment when they win it" or "what will happen when" - especially that other thread a couple of days ago.

If anyone here is a long time fan they know how hard it is to win it. Getting two players isnt going to do it. You have to play 82 games and win another 16 in playoffs and even if you look like a true contender (ie: 07' Sabres, 06' Detriot, 03 Ottawa i can go on and on if youd like) doesnt guarantee ANYTHING.

And thats what some of the talk here sounds like - Guaranteed.

No no no...

Ask the fans of those three teams how excited the were before the year started. Ask them how dominating their team looked in the dog days of the season. Ask them how confident they felt going into the playoffs and getting into the second round. Ask them how pissed off and disappointed and shocked they were when they saw their team lose and go home. Ask them how they felt a few weeks or a month later watching some other team raise the cup.

Dont set yourself up for that people. Be realistic.

I'm not a NYG fan. But Jim Fossel once said when his team backed into the playoffs i'm hearing lets just be happy to play here no we wanna talk about the superbowl thats what we are here for. If we were just happy to be here we would be be in the stands.

Same way I see it as a fan. If I thought this team had no shot why would I write checks? I'm a Rangers fan I go to see the Rangers win not to be blown away by the sites MSG has to offer. If we lose then we lose but as of Right now Rangers are tied for first place 0-0... So yea I want to talk about the cup if you choose to be negative thats cool to but don't knock the fans who are true NY'ers and aren't realistic lol.

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