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07-17-2007, 12:30 AM
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Snap Shot Q's

I'm not a novice, but the snap shot has always been a grey area.

I was reading before about how the snapshot, which when I played was the least stressed shot, nowadays is the most commonly used shot in the NHL.

Not only that but most of the time when you see a one timer, it's a snap.

I wanted to know

1) Is this true?

2) If so, why and has this always been the case or recently?
-I would suspect, if true, a snap shot is used most often because it has the accuracy of a wrist shot, the force of a snap shot, but minus the long wind up.

3) Are all one timers snap shots?

4) Is a snap shot basically a hybrid wrist and slap shot?
-A shot which has the force of a slap, but the accuracy of a wrister?

5) How exactly do you shoot it?
-Would you move your wrist as you would a wrist shot BUT no wind up?
-How do you get the power of a slap shot with the quickness and accurasy of a wrist?

6) Is it me or do a lot of you vets too have trouble with this concept?


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