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07-17-2007, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by doublewinder View Post
I'm not a novice, but the snap shot has always been a grey area.

I was reading before about how the snapshot, which when I played was the least stressed shot, nowadays is the most commonly used shot in the NHL.

Not only that but most of the time when you see a one timer, it's a snap.

I wanted to know

1) Is this true?

2) If so, why and has this always been the case or recently?
-I would suspect, if true, a snap shot is used most often because it has the accuracy of a wrist shot, the force of a snap shot, but minus the long wind up.

3) Are all one timers snap shots?

4) Is a snap shot basically a hybrid wrist and slap shot?
-A shot which has the force of a slap, but the accuracy of a wrister?

5) How exactly do you shoot it?
-Would you move your wrist as you would a wrist shot BUT no wind up?
-How do you get the power of a slap shot with the quickness and accurasy of a wrist?

6) Is it me or do a lot of you vets too have trouble with this concept?


one timers are rarely snapshots...most players SLAP one timers.

a snap shot does not have the force of a slap shot...snap shots are
usually taken in stride on one leg..look for Joe Sakic vids on youtube, his snap shot is mental!

you snap your wrists to take it.

its you, vets dont have trouble with the concept

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