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07-17-2007, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
so you still haven't given me a name. all you can say is strudwick might become a winger (not going to happen if guys from hartford are coming up like you said) and i am not saying hollweg and orr are the best players either. all i'm saying is you are saying hartford guys are going to come up and i am saying not this year. staal will be up but thats all. if somebody like dawes comes up he has already proven he isn't ready. training camp could be very competitive like you said but besides staal who is really ready? and you say that who ever it is, is going to score short handed goals? and pre season hockey is not the same as regular season. we all know that. bottom line is hollweg and orr have been in the lineup and with a deep roster not including anyone from the minors i would be suprised to see anyone come up and stay through november. why are we talking about this anyway this is an ortmeyer thread? need to read these posts before you reply, and proofread your replys too. Who said anything about short handed goals, and I specifically didn't mention names because I thought a couple of players INCLUDING Dawes...had really good camps, but they were forgotten once the season began and given no real chance to succeed. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dawes have an excellent camp again.....but 4th line minutes are not going to do him any favors. Dubi may surprise this camp...I'll wait and see before i make any rash decisions or comments....the point is JED ORTMEYER is completely replaceable on the ice....though maybe not in some fans hearts.

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