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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
you said you wouldn't be suprised to see hartford boys come up block shots grit it out and add some kind of scoring touch around the net. and the only other name you have given me besides the one i gave you is dubinsky. and you have said he may suprise us. you are already backing off your statement by saying i'll wait and see before i make any rash decisions or comments. thats like saying he will suprise us but maybe not. leaving us nowehere. not to get off topic but if ortmeyer is completley replaceable, why don't i see you ask for a trade to get rid of betts? he's done little more than ortmeyer and hes a penalty killer, according to your comments we should do fine without him two. then we can bring in your precious nigel dawes.
Look....Ortmeyer is gone....GET OVER IT! GO CRY in your milk and cookies already! He WILL be REPLACED by one of the kids from Hartford....and you will STILL be CRYING for Ortmeyer if they win a cup. I've tried to be rational with just want to be a smart ass... and berate everyone for not being brought to tears that Ortmeyer wasn't retained! You are too irrational to deal with . No one ASKED for Ortmeyer to leave, he signed with another team for more than what the Rangers were willing to offer! What don't you get about that? ANd he wasn't the glue that holds the NY Rangers together...contrary to popular belief...the sun IS coming out tomorrow! As far as Betts goes.....why would I want him gone? He is a solid 4th and sometimes third line player, and does decently on faceoffs!

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