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03-07-2004, 11:22 AM
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to soft...we will get beaten like rented mules


after last nights game(enuff) its clear to me ,that were not tough enough .avery and laperriere just completly man handled the habs line upThey completely shut down and intimidated Ryder, Ribs and looked like they were scared as a deer caught in the head lights.well get used to it boys it doesnt get any easier from now on in.with the likes of boston,ottawa and the leafs bolstering up there line up ,were in trouble if we don't get tougher before tuesday(imho),we need someone who can set the tone,and langdon isnt it.imho.he isnt FEARED .hes as tough as a two dollar steak ,but the oppisition doesnt fear him.if they did they would have though twice of running garon three times!!!!!!! why didnt langdon feel the need to go and punch the living begeezus outta someone right after that happened the first time?i know close game bad penealtys ,but come on you cant let this kinda thing slide.we need to get tougher NOW!we dont need anymore offense we got enough of it ,when they want to turn it up a notch.we need backbone,someone who can come in and show no fear and hopefully it will make the team as a whole step it up and become see koivu last night .he was goin after people push shoving ruffing it up.atleast he was in there getting his nose dirty and standing up for his team mates.where was ribero?say boo and he goes of to the bench.
again we need a feared enforcer!!!!!

offense stacks up well
ryder,ribero,(insert a player with a mean streak )arnott type
begin, sundstrom ,bullis
dowd, (new enforcer) ,ward

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