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Originally Posted by bleedrngrblue View Post
Listen kid.. I was a Ranger fan since before you were born. This is usually a pretty sane forum....but lately it seems to be going downhill! NO ONE..I REPEAT...NO ONE to my knowledge is HAPPY that ORTS is gone....but many of us here appreciate the direction this organization is trying to go in...and the fact that they appear to be setting the groundwork for the future....Orts was a lunch pail guy...I admire him alot, I really do...but he is in no way vital to the success of this organization any longer...and it was his choice to sign elsewhere for more money and probably a better chance of playing. There was a time when Orts stood out so much because this team had a bunch of slackers on it...thats not the case anymore, and you should be happy knowing that he was looked at as the epitome of an overachiever while he was here, and his efforts were not unnoticed in the organization! What else do you want me to do a war...sing an opera....sweat garlic...what gives?
sweat garlic... you should get that checked out. and by the way people in this thread especially on page one are in love with the fact that he is gone. look at my first post on this thread. the thought that you might have been a ranger fan since before i was born means nothing. it has no point. here is the bottom line about ortmeyer: he was the heart of that pk and he had a huge part in transforming the team. i'm not going to sit here like other people and knock him now that he is gone. what i am not happy about is people not giving him the credit he deserves. i keep thinking to myself everyday what would have happened at the end of game five if he was on the ice instead of jagr and nylander. we could have won the cup last year. i dare anyone to say they didn't want him on the ice at that time. if he was the guy were thinking should have been out there and if hes the guy were thinking could have changed the outcome of the east and maybe even the finals if we made it that far, than he was someone worth keeping and someone worthy of of our appreciation. so sing in your opera ive won the war.

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