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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post

My favorite is definately the first time I ever played the game. Living near Austin, texas, near bergstome AFB, my father an Air Force NCO, I was enrolled in what would be considered Pre-kindergarten now. One day, Getting off the bus with the other AF brats, an older boy told me I was going to be "goalie" in one of their street hockey games.

With no net, the garbage dumpster had a chalked 4x6 outline. the gear was hand made pads from couch cushions. A ratty old baseball glove and beat up goalie stick made up the rest of the gear. Going back to 1962-63 masks were not part of the deal for most goalies. I still do not wear a mask for ball hockey. The garbage dumpster leaked this liquid slime, flies, maggots and the smell...OMG.

I played for about an hour not knowing if I was stopping the shots or if the boys were just shooting AT me. Hearing my mom yelling for me, i stripped off the gear and ran home. A bloody nose, red welts all over my face and the start of my first hockey black eye, I got home with my clothes pretty much ruined. Ripped pants, stinking of garbage swill and grinning froim ear to ear that the older boys let me play. My mom wasnt quite so happy. Got my butt whooped and made to kneel on a bag of split peas for half an hour, for ruining my clothes. My mom was pretty inventive with her punishments.

the next day the boys were there waiting for me to go in net. I ran home and changed into my snake hunting clothes and ran backto join the game. I was hooked on the game and position. Never played a single minute as an outplayer....


Second favorite was just a few years ago. Going to a skate and shoot in Buffalo (Holiday Twin) only one old guy(older than me) was there. 11:30 Am sessions were normaly dead. The guy looked familiar but I couldnt place him. He proceeded to school me for the next hour and a half. He didnt have great wheels but the shot was incredible. Every 10-15 minutes he needed a 5 min break. He would shoot, score and then tell me what I did that gave him an opening. Drop my glove an inch and he would take

A week or so later, I took my youngest to the Sabres alumni game at HSBC. There in the players box was the old dude. Banging on the glass, I got his attention. Giving him a "what the hell" look and shrug with a grin he started laughing as he recognized me from the skate and shoot. Gilbert Perault...... I yelled over the glass to him, " If I had known who you were I wouldnt have taken it so easy on you..." we both laughed.
That first story reminds me of my dad.

He grew up in poverty in Finland and the first time he played hockey it was with old wood hockeysticks and a rock... he was a goalie... just imagine how that felt.

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