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07-17-2007, 10:36 PM
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I'm a stay at home defensive defenseman, no shot, no offensive skill, hands of stone, etcetera. I know how to block shots, know where to be, and know how to play the man. It stops there.

Game I was in went to OT, no winner in OT, and it goes to shootout. Yes, this is a Marek Malik story, though hardly as many fireworks in my shot. We only had an eleven man bench, so pickin's are slim in long shootouts. Came up to the fifth shooter for our team, we had a chance to win. Coach says "All right, Brock, you go", I gave him a puzzled look, shrugged my shoulders, and went at it. Skate down, do an impression of a deke, I think, and I slipped it past the goalies left pad. My team goes nuts, the whole place follows suit. I guess when the two-hundred-eighty pound stay at home blueliner gets a lot of attention when he wins a shootout. We won it, and I'm skating back to my bench, stick down, not celebrating at all. I don't score goals, hell, I've had six goals over 11 years of playing, and three of them came in one night (that hat trick would be number two, total fluke though). When I get them I don't know what to do. My team tries to tackle me when I get toward the bench, but once again, 280 pounder here, I stand my ground. It's my favourite memory because everyone got a kick out of a d-man like me winning a shootout. Fun for everyone. More fun for the show I unintentionally put on than winning the game, it wasn't even an important game. Just a good time.

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