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1.....ok guys 5'9 avery...well langdon is 6'1 205 okay so he's not a wouldnt be like donald brasher going after avery.

2.he takes on average any where from 6 to 20 shot a year on average.
he played 500 games in the nhl and have you seen his shot total?
153 shots.
he has a total of 39 pts in his 10 years nhl career
so 500 games played and 39 pts.
hmm..ok he fights ,but so does simon and ,barnaby.sorry to say would we have been worse if we signed simon?he fights,is intimadating,and wow,he got 25 pts so far this who do ya take ?they both fight,and 1 guy has 39 pts in 500 games and the other has 25 points in 60?..hmmmmm.who would look better on the 4th line?
look i know simon is in calgary know,but

chris simon......592 games has 248 pts
darren langdon....500 games has 39 pts
matthew barnaby 699 games has 254 pts
who would you rather have on the 4th line come play off time?

i 'm not questioning that he not tuff .again he's a good guy,come playoff time he becomes a liability!!!!!just look at how many games he played in the playoff with the canucks last year in the playoffs?
3.i took this from tsn scouting report....

Preseason projected role Langdon should once again play a part-time role as an enforcer with Carolina in 2002-03.

Assets Will fight early and often. Won't back down from a challenge and always sticks up for his mates. Has an exemplary attitude.

Flaws Doesn't have enough skills that are NHL-caliber, aside from his punch-up skills.

Career potential Langdon may stick around the NHL for another season or two but needs to show more ability to secure his future. He doesn't provide enough to an NHL team to justify more playing time.

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