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07-18-2007, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by timmay143 View Post
Hmm...It kind of bothers me that people are hating PK as soon as he leaves the team to join another. I thought Paul has helped the Predators franchise tremedously. He brought a star face to an somewhat unknown team. I have been a fan of his for awhile since the Anaheim days. His qaulity of play definitely helped us win games at times. Yes, you can argue he didn't show up for the playoffs, the big game, etc. However, I feel you can't blame just one guy. I will remember his great shootout skills and hope they don't come back around and bite us in behind. It sucks he went to a division rival, but I feel playing better teams will make the Predators better. People have said that our division was/is weak which is why the Predators have done so well. I can't really hate the guy. I respect his game no matter what team for which he plays. I may curse him under my breath if he jukes us but in the long run will always like him. I'll miss you Paul. Good luck, except when you play us .
I won't question PK's skill or what he sometimes brought to the table.

That said, I consider his time here, on the whole, somewhat disappointing, and as a player, I was simply never a fan. This has nothing to do with him leaving.


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