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Originally Posted by thadiggitystank View Post
From what I've gathered T-blades may be going out of business in the near future.

recently bought a new pair of skates and was heavily considering to opt for t-blades. Every pro-shop that I went to warned against swithcing now because they probably wouldn't be available for much longer.

I've seen no other reports to confirm this, but it was enough to make me settle on the new tuuk lightspeeds.
No they are not going away. The Europe skates on T-blade. That's huge market.

With Tblades the shops loosing money they have invested previously in sharpening machines. The machine costs a few grands. It pays itself off in a few years only if people sharpen their skates. T-blade put the end to it.

I had CCM Vector 120zx. The T-blade system is awesome. You can consistently have the rocker and grove of your liking. Unfortunately Vector boot the skates came with had never agreed with my feet and I went back to Eastons. Easton does not offer T-blade and I didn't dare to swap the holder on $500 pair. The foot feels fine, but precision of T-blade is something that I miss. I used S-rocker and 13 mm grove (which is 5/8").

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