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07-18-2007, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
If he goes to arbitration, the Rangers can accept what he is awarded or walk away from it, making him UFA.

I don't think he'll be the third line center, he's better as a wing and we have some in-house options (Dubinsky, hopefully Anisimov soon) that seem capable of filling that spot. I wouldn't rule it out entirely, but I'd be surprised if he ended up at center.

I wouldn't mind taking his arbitration award and letting him play the season on it. I want to make sure he's actually turned the corner from reckless goon to super-pest with decent offense before I sign him long term. I understand that by the same token if he performs well he'll want a fat deal, but it's a risk I'd consider taking. Either way I look forward to having him with us this season.
In terms arbitration much do you think the max for Avery would be? $2m?
The reason why I brought up centering the 3rd line is because of his recent experience centering when was brought on board. And IMO...Avery isn't a top 2 line winger. Ideally, Avery could have a much better impact centering a line with Callahan on one side and either Prucha (or if Prucha gets bumped up--I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a line of Prucha-Gomez-Jagr for a few games to see what happens) or the possibility of a winger like Dawes who can put the puck in the net while complimenting both Callahan and Avery. Dawes-Avery-Callahan...definitely a line that can be a handful. Fast and physical with the capability of putting up points.
The in-house options...IMO...Dubinsky wouldn't be hurt developmentally if he spent another season at Hartford. Anisimov. I have to think he'll need one season at Hartford. I definitely look forward to both Anisimov and Cherapanov playing at MSG in the near future. 2009? Anyway, being that Rangers are really going for it this season, I can't see them giving the 3rd line center job to Dubinsky. Out of camp, that is. Injuries aside, I think the one new face Ranger fans will see out of camp will be Marc Staal.
Would you be surprised if Avery was the 3rd line Center?

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