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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
Renney went the way of cutting ice time to his best PKer in the most significant games?

The "inconsistent" Straka scored 29 goals last season in 77 games, and played about 15 with one arm. I think it's safe to say he would've gotten 30 if not for the injury. And had 10 points in 10 games in the playoffs.
Saying Ortmeyer was worth more to the Rangers than Straka is... Well... Ridiculous.
Look, I really do appreciate 4th liners/PK guys... But there's only so much they bring to a team and there's a reason why they're paid less than guys who play more.

I don't really care to be honest, I like the Rangers, but Buffalo's my team, not gonna get into any deep arguments or anything... But in terms of importance to the Rangers in the last season and POs, I'd rank:
Jagr, Lundqvist, Nylander, Rozsival, Straka, Shanahan, Avery, Malik, Cullen, Tyutin, Girardi, Malik, Betts (really same role as Ortmeyer, but he's was the team's best faceoff guy)... Renney doesn't give Prucha real quality ES time, but I'd rank him above Ortmeyer as well. And Mara, who played pretty decent after the trade, and played ES, 2nd PP unit and 2nd PK unit time.
i made my points about what i think of straka last year. yes renny did cut his best pkers ice time in the most significant of games. what do you want me to say he didn't? renny did a lot of things differently vs buffalo. like calling up nigel dawes who didn't play since november to play on the second line in game 6. you make a list of guys better than ortmeyer based on goal scorers. my whole point has been there is more to a team than just goal scoring. did you follow the rangers at all between 97 and 04? we had goal scorers and we went no where. once again goal scoring isn't everything. malik and tytuin i disagree with and i disagree with cullen because he could have been that second line center in game 6 but that didn't happen at all. i'm not trying to say that straka is a bad player i just have a different spot for him in my list.

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