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03-07-2004, 02:14 PM
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Clarke Threatens Hossa & Alfredsson


Now, I'm no Sens or Flyers fan, but Clarke says some ridiculous stuff here, including:

"Then they're jumping on guys who don't fight: Mattias Timander, Patrick Sharp. At least Sharp's a North American. He knows how to fight. But their guys kept jumping on (expletive) Europeans.


"That gutless puke Martin doing that (expletive). But when you pull that (expletive) off, it comes back to get you. They have to come in here (April 2) one more time. They won't be able to hide Alfredsson and Hossa and all the guys then."

As a Leafs fan, it's nice to see some hate growing between any other teams in the East besides Toronto's rivalry with everybody...but the European crack? I'm pretty sure the guy fighting Timander was Zdeno Chara, and I'm also pretty sure he's European. A gigantic European, yes, but a European.