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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
A defensive defenseman doesn't have to stand out to have importance to the team. He just has to play solid positional defense. Simply looking at highlights isn't always going to indicate who is the better player. I'm pretty certain the overwhelming majority of Ranger and hockey fans would agree that Fedor is the more important player on the Rangers.

And as far as Blair Betts is concerned, no he is not one of our best guys. That doesn't mean he too is without a role. But he, like Jed, is another guy who may have to start looking over his shoulder at some point. Fortunately for him, he is cap friendly, excellent at faceoffs, and responsible defensively. But like Jed, Blair will never be much more than a 4th line player.
your right betts isn't one of our best guys. but he is our best face off guy. you are ok with not bringing back our best pker and you are already talking about getting rid of our best face off man. why not trade jagr next season too? he is our best player. makes sense right? a really good penalty killer and an awesome face off man, yea thats something we don't want. i still think that ortmeyer is the 7th guy on my list and there are a bunch of other guys i would put in front of tytuin, cullen(when he was still a ranger) for example and i am a tytuin fan. if at best tytuin is a 2nd line dman, like you said, should he be looking over his shoulder? i mean he could be better right? what if he never gets better but stays the way he is? does that mean he is not important? would you be ok with getting rid of him?

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