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07-19-2007, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
So Burke is still going full-speed ahead with his plan to acquire the most hated players in the league. I'm shocked he didn't sign Niemenen before he went to Europe and hasn't tried to coax Claude Lemieux out of retirement.

I know some of you already know this, but Danny has a little bit of a checkered legal past which has led to him being despised by most fans around the league. I suggest looking into it as well as the rumors of him being a cancer in the Pittsburgh locker room. Let's just say that teams might have to worry about more than just their lunch money now.

He's not Shawn Thornton as Shawn is a much better fighter but Dan is probably considered a better player. As a fan of fighters and fighting, I'm glad the Ducks picked him up because he provides more entertainment value as well as filling the terrible fighter void that has been left in SoCal by Tommy Kantthrowafist.

I never thought he'd see the NHL again and he still might not as he should be in Portland, but it's always nice to see a guy who fights get signed as I whole-heartedly agree with Pepper's trademarked "You can never have too many fighters" stance.

Before anyone gets upset that I brought up his past, you're looking at a guy that cheered on Joe Corvo so I'm all about second chances since, being a Kings fan, I'm obviously all about fortieth chances. I just find it amusing that this team now has Pronger,Bertuzzi and now LaCouture. It's fun being the bad guy and you've all been eating it up;this season should be even more fun as it looks like there will be even more opportunities to have 10 page threads on the main board about how the Ducks are the scourge of the league.
Wow. If you're going to slander someone's name like that you should really get your facts right first. I've known LaCouture and his family for over a decade, since before he played college hockey at BU. He has never been in any legal trouble or had any off-ice issues of any kind. He's also never had any problems with teammates. Just the opposite, he's always been among the most popular players on every team he's played for, which isn't unusual for a guy who plays the role he has sticking up for teammates even though he isn't a particularly experienced or skilled fighter.

I'm not trying to attack you for what hopefully was an honest mistake, but you (and everyone) should really be careful when tossing around those kind of accusations. I think the poster that mentioned you confusing him with Tibbetts could be correct. Tibbetts fits the description of the kind of guy you protrayed, but LaCouture definitely does not.

He may not make the club in Anaheim, but it won't be any off-ice issues or legal problems holding him back. And if he does make the Ducks, you might be surprised. He's a very good skater for a guy that's been cast in the tough guy role and has proven an effective penalty killer in past NHL stints. Plus, you know he'll always be willing to stand up for a teammate (not that Anaheim has any shortage of that).

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