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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
I find banking off the glass is a little better...ppl have more trouble picking the puck of the bounce from the glass than from the boards. But either works better than just shoveling it up on the ice. But look before you do anything, find an open spot cause sometimes the other team catches on and starts cheating so look towards the middle of the ice. A nice flip in the air works well.

Keep within a stick length of your man...that way you can make a play and also get some space so you won't get walked around as easily. Disguise your reach a little too, don't go flailing around with your stick until you really are going in for a poke check. Gives the oppositon a bit of a surprise that your on them. Use an active stick, ppl get caught unaware especially when you lift their stick cause they think no one is around.

Talk a lot to your defensive partners, like who covers who...switching, etc. especially behind the net cause you don't wanna get caught chasing behind the net with the turn radius, your gonna get beat going around.

Your either gonna wanna drive you man wide when they come into the zone, or you wanna make a move by the time you reach the faceoff dots-- poke check, check, etc.

Overall, make things easy on your goalie. Ask what he wants...and generally, take away the pass so it'll make things more predicatable for the goalie. And by taking your man outta the play the goalie should stop the first shot and and there would be no one around for the dangerous second and third chances.
its good to see im not the only one out there who watches man vs wild great show

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