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07-19-2007, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Sandmachine View Post
You might be right about Lacouture having been in trouble, but I don't remember. Could you be confusing him with Billy Tibbetts?
This is a prime example of why I shouldn't try to post while I'm at work, constantly maximizing/minimizing the screen so I don't get caught.

Yes, for some reason I confused him with Billy Tibbetts. Scratch the checkered past and legal trouble but keep the rest of the post.

Old Time Hockey: While I was pretty positive that I was right about LaCouture, I still withheld actually naming the charges that I thought were his but actually belonged to Tibbetts in case I was wrong. For all we know, Dan could have a checkered legal past in the form of parking/speeding tickets and, even if he doesn't have a "checkered legal past", I never slandered him since the comment was written so it would be libelous if anything but, having a journalism degree, I think I know when I've committed libel.

I lean very much to the Left, but I didn't know that this forum had so many members from the ACLU. I'm so tired of everyone throwing around the terms "slander" and "libel". It's nice to see that the Grammar Police have, for the most part, stopped their crusade to make 15 year-old hockey fans feel bad; I just don't know if this influx of slander and libel accusations is any better.

Going back to LaCouture...I hope he plays up on the big team this year and I think he just might after the inevitable Brad May injury. This would be great as Dan fights more than May at this point in their respective careers.

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