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Originally Posted by Anarion View Post

one of our best players? are you actually being serious?

yes, Ortmeyer had heart, but IMO that's about all he had. a future captain? the guy couldn't score a goal on an empty net from three feet out.

yes, he'll be missed, but off the ice, not on it. Jed on the PK v Drury on the PK, wouldn't you rather have someone on the PK that can net a shorthanded goal every now and again? apparently not. don't you remember the Buffalo series that ended our season? I can still picture Drury on the PK dropping down in front of Miller blocking shots. I remember one instance vividly when he actually made a kick-save, the puck never got to the net.

Jed's 'return' had absolutely nothing to do with the surge. if you truly believe that, I pity you.
first and foremost the pk is there to kill penalties. drury will be out there to kill penalties. not score short handed goals. he will probably get some, but if ortmeyer was still on the team do you think he wouldn't be out there because drury will be? yeah jeds awesome effort didn't help at all. you've got to be kidding. everyone puts on extra effort because they see what ortmeyer does. whether its killing penalties, battling for pucks in the corners and laying out some good hits. yeah that has nothing to do with why we played better. you like most people don't give him credit because he is a 3rd or 4th liner. there is more to it than points. you prove my point when you bring up he shouldn't be captain because he cant score a goal. you don't become a captain because you can score, you become a captain because of LEADERSHIP respond to this because no one else has in my other replies: if goal scoring is so important and determines the value of great players and what they mean to a team how come with guys like lindros, bure, fleury, kovalev, leetch, jagr, nedved (30 goal scorer) anson carter (20 - 30 goal scorer) couldn't get us in the playoffs? a lot of these guys played for the rangers all at the same time. it was some of the worst hockey i've seen. don't give me chemistry was bad because that shouldn't matter to you. if they can score thats all that matters to you.

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