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07-19-2007, 11:53 AM
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Yes he's injury proned and yes he's 34 years old. I think my starting price of $4million was definitely way too high and Forsberg will probably get lower than that which it makes it extremely reasonable to look into him.

Some of you are shooting it down completely which I dont like. Forsberg has a foot injury, I dont think that will take away from his physical game. Now even if he does get hurt, it might be halfway into the season, by then Dubinsky or Anisimov would have had half a season to develop even more in Hartford and could be ready to be called up to replace him. There are a lot of benefits to signing Forsberg. He still has great offensive skill, he does have a nasty side to him with his physical game, he would fill the 3rd line center hole, and he'd be a great mentor for Callahan and Prucha, and it would only be a one year deal--after this season he leaves and Dubinsky/Anisimov replace him.

Now in Forsberg's eyes:
(1)The rangers are looking like a serious cup contender
(2)He knows he has injury problems and taking a lesser role would make sense for his health because he'd have less ice time to put stress on that ankle.
(3)Adding him to the 3rd line with the likes of Prucha and Callahan would make that line look more like a 2nd line for a lot of teams in the NHL.
(4)Like someone said before Drury is here and they were former linemates I'm sure he wouldnt mind re-joining him for one more cup run
(5)Again he probably has just one more year left in him and the Rangers are looking like the team that is going to make he huge run this year.

I just dont think this out of the question to think Forsberg could be a possible replacement. You can say all you want about his health but thats a risk your willing to take IF he does take the paycut because you have younger players to replace him if something happens. Why risk it with Peca when you can with Forsberg?

As for Dave Polie, GM of Nashville, how does he know he can sign Markov or Forsberg? Why would those players want to sign with that franchise that right now is a big fat question mark, especially Forsberg who has one year left in his body. Markov has waited around this long not because no one wants him, because he is a good defenseman who punishes forward, but because he wants to sign with the right team and I just cant see Nashville being that team. So with Polie needing to fill cap space to get to the league minimum the best way to do it is via trade and the Rangers have guys to move.

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