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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
#1 - When has Gomez ever had a CHANCE to prove himself in another "system"?

Uh, Straka hustles has ass off everywhere as people have noted and even Jagr and Nylander got into when hey were playing well.

But thats not the point im making. Please read it carefully this time. So i dont have to type out another essay again

You said Gomez has to learn another system and you compared him to Holik like they were the same player coming from the same system. Thats what im disputing.

Like i said if you wanna discuss how he will gel with Jagrs line thats one thing. But its not that much of a different system all together. The gap between the two teams styles has closed greatly since Holik came over. And Holik is a pigeon hole player. Hes a total shutdown guy. Gomez is anything but a shutdown guy. He can play well defensively but he is a different player all together. His major assets are speed, vision and passing.

The last time i checked Holik had none of those things and proved it while he was here. His major assets are grabbing players, being a nuisance to goalies and defenders, getting in the way, and occasionally getting a hard shot off. All of which havent been as great as since he was with the Devils.

Gomez is a player who can adapt and the Rangers have moved to a successful style of defensive to offensive style and if they decide to continue what theyve been on track with for the past season and a half, it should stay the same and develop further. Gomez should fit in perfectly if not enhance that style even more.
my point was that people are saying gomez can adapt to our style however different you say it is. how do we know that is my point. hes played in the same system, he hasn't adapted to anything. its like when people say he will be a good penalty killer. he never has been and he shouldn't be. and i agree with you straka does hustle his ass off, if you PAID ATTENTION TO MY REPLIES you wouldn't have to tell me and write another essay. however different holik and gomez style of play is, you can't ignor the fact that a great devil came to the rangers and sucked. he played real hard but still sucked. lets not get ahead of ourselves with gomez at this point. lets see what he can do before we say he can adapt to anything.

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