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07-19-2007, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by ogie View Post
i dunno forsberg health is a huge issue, plus there is this

"The Denver Post, quoting a Swedish paper, suggests Forsberg's troublesome ankle is feeling better after surgery, although he hasn't skated and may not for a few weeks."

So it looks like he won't be ready to play until december. So you pay him 4mil to miss three months then he will have to get use to the system for another month or so. 4 million is alot for half a season.

Sorry i think i'll pass on forsberg
Since I've actually read the original article
(it's here btw)
I've gotta say that NA reporting on him has been a bit odd, and off the mark.

He had some laparoscopic (or pinhole) surgery some weeks ago, most likely to remove some artifacts from the big rebuild last summer. He was back at the hospital some days ago and they confirmed that his rehab and healing back to full recovery was on schedule.

According to himself his foot feels fine walking, running, (golfing) and general practice but he hasn't been able to test it on ice since it's still swollen from the surgery.

On the other hand, most other players hasn't had their skates on yet either since leaving the ice after season/playoffs.

It'll be a couple of weeks before he can hit the ice and test his foot at full power, and he has stated that he will not announce any decision, or even really ponder any options, until he knows how his foot is.

Being able to play in september is still possible, so is december, or january, or not at all.

What he has said, and I believe him because it makes sense, is that he will not under any circumstances repeat last year's experience.

He will give his foot, and eventual other parts of his body, what ever time it needs to heal. He will not rush it, he will not sign any contract until he knows that his body is up for it.

Which may be this august, september, december, january, next summer or never at all.

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